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Construction projects involve an intricate network of stakeholders, including contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers, municipalities and developers. In addition, there are many people relying on the timeline for a construction project, and even the slightest delay can result in major financial consequences. Given the moving parts involved, construction matters are often complex, yet need to be resolved quickly in order to keep the project moving ahead. It is imperative to secure legal counsel with extensive experience in construction issues in order to address issues quickly so as not to cause unnecessary delays or other financial headaches.

Our construction law lawyers in Ottawa, Cornwall, and Kingston provide legal services to all elements of the construction industry, including general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, developers, School Boards and lenders. We provide advice and representation, whether through judicial proceedings, arbitration, negotiation or mediation, in all matters relating to the construction process.

Offering a Wide Range of Construction Law & Related Legal Services

Our experience in business, real estate, ADR and litigation allows us to provide clients with effective and practical advice in all aspects of construction law, and to develop solutions best suited for their specific needs and circumstances.

Our construction law lawyers provide a variety of services including:

  • Advice and representation in relation to the Construction Act
  • Advice in relation to the formulation of and processing of tenders
  • Advice in relation to construction contract formulation and performance including owner, contractor, and consultant obligations, and payment processes including ODACC
  • Advice in relation to construction bonding and insurance
  • Breach of trust claims
  • Construction Lien Claims
  • Claims arising from alleged design changes
  • Claims for breach of statutory trust
  • Claims for consequential damages
  • Claims for extras/credits
  • Claims for negligence against consulting engineers and architects
  • Claims in relation to environmentally hazardous materials and for unanticipated subsurface soil conditions encountered during construction
  • Claims relating to warranties, insurance, payment, delay, construction defects and methods of project delivery
  • Claims under bid bonds
  • Drafting, interpreting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and tender documents
  • Labour and material payment bonds
  • Lien bonds and judgment bonds
  • Performance bonds
  • Preparation of contract documentation and related agreements

Ontario’s Construction Payment Dispute Resolution Process

As of October 1, 2019, a new method for resolving construction payment disputes came into effect with the creation of Ontario Dispute Adjudication for Construction Contracts (ODACC) under Ontario’s Construction Act. The aim of ODACC is to facilitate a more efficient and streamlined process for resolving matters involving payment under a construction contract. There are often multiple tiers of service providers affected by non-payment or delays, and so it is crucial to resolve these matters quickly. Adjudicating these matters through ODACC is a mandatory step in resolving a payment issue, and will often serve as a final resolution, however, parties do reserve the right to appeal a decision through arbitration or litigation.

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, we will help clients navigate the ODACC adjudication process, and will pursue an appeal of any ODACC decision through alternative dispute resolution or in court, as necessary.


Contact the Construction Lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP in Ottawa for Advice and Representation in all Issues Relating to Construction Law

No matter your role in a construction project, the lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP will use their extensive experience working within the construction industry to provide you with practical and effective advice in any construction law matter. We represent clients at all levels of a construction project on transactional matters and will represent their interests in a dispute, if necessary. Call us at 1-888-799-8057 or contact us online to set up a consultation with an experienced lawyer.


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