Tierney Stauffer LLP provides support counsel to small firms and sole practitioners in the areas of Personal Injury Litigation, Corporate and Estate Planning, and Estate Litigation.

We assist law firms and their clients through our lawyer to lawyer referral program. This provides an opportunity for other firms to offer their clients a strong advocate in areas of law they do not currently practice. We offer a referral fee upon successful completion of the file referred to us.

Your client receives a no obligation consultation, and we will advise them of what steps we can take on their behalf.


  • Experienced counsel.
  • Regular status reports to the referring lawyer.
  • Access to a large pool of medical, vocational, tax, economic, investigative, and other types of expert witnesses.
  • Fees to the referring lawyer.
  • Our undertaking that we will not represent your client on other matters without your permission.

If you have questions about our firm, our Legal Counsel Group, and our Referral Fee Program, please feel free to contact us.