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Long-term disability benefits are a type of benefit most commonly provided to employees by their employer through a group benefits plan. In order to qualify, you must be unable to work due to a long-term illness or injury and you must satisfy certain criteria outlined in your employer’s group policy. Insurers may deny benefits at the outset, or after some period of disability, despite evidence from treating physicians that you are in fact unable to return to work. If your claim for long-term disability benefits has been denied, you may have a claim against your group benefits insurer for compensation.

If your employer does not provide long-term disability benefits or you are self-employed, you may have purchased your own individual long-term disability policy through a private insurance company. For individuals who own their own policies, proving to the insurance company that the policy is valid can be difficult. Insurers can terminate coverage with little or no notice, leaving you without adequate income and putting you into a situation of financial hardship when you are already sick or injured. In such circumstances, you may also have grounds for a claim for compensation.

In either scenario, it is vital that a claim is approved and maintained for as long as the policyholder is unable to work. An unfair denial or premature termination of long-term disability benefits can have a devastating impact on a person’s financial situation. At Tierney Stauffer LLP, we have been representing clients to reinstate or have their LTD claims approved for over thirty years. We understand the hardships you may be facing if your claim is denied and our personal injury team will take swift and effective action to see that your benefits are approved as soon as possible.

Time Limits for Your Long-Term Disability Claim

It is important to be aware that there are time limits to all long-term disability benefits claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline. If you do not take action within that time frame, you may be barred from bringing a claim for compensation. To ensure that your rights are protected, it is important to speak with a lawyer experienced in handling long-term disability benefits as soon as possible.

Compassionate Insurance Lawyers Assisting with LTD Benefit Denials

When dealing with a long-term disability insurance company, it is highly recommended that you retain a law firm experienced in handling these claims as soon as possible to help restore your long-term disability benefits quickly. At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our legal team has years of experience with long-term disability benefits claims and can move quickly to ensure the continuation of benefits.

We understand the physical and emotional stress that long-term disability causes and our goal is to help disabled people and their families ease the financial burden caused by a sudden lack of income. We know that dealing with a disability litigation claim can be extremely difficult and large insurance companies can mean a complex process with several steps to hurdle. Our experience in this area of law has given us a unique appreciation for the process and we will take the stress of dealing with your insurance company off of your shoulders.

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If your LTD claim has been denied or terminated prematurely, don’t hesitate to reach out to the skilled legal team at Tierney Stauffer LLP. We’re happy to provide advice and representation based on our many years of experience in fighting for the rights of benefit-seekers. Make sure you know your rights and don’t be afraid to question the validity of your claim application refusal. You can count on us to help you determine the truth.

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