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We turn to licensed professionals to manage some of the most important aspects of our lives including our finances, our homes and legal needs. Professionals across a number of industries are held to a strict standard of care with respect to their services. When they fail to uphold those standards, people can suffer significant losses, including both mental and physical loss, depending on the nature of the service. Just as a person would hold a doctor accountable for malpractice, other professionals are also accountable to those who relied on their expertise only to be negatively impacted in some way.

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our malpractice team has spent over 30 years working to secure financial compensation for clients who have suffered injuries or losses due to the negligence of various professionals. We have the experience necessary to accurately assess an individual case, determine the likely outcome and develop a strategy to secure the best possible result for our clients.

Our malpractice lawyers are experienced in a variety of professional negligence claims across several regulated industries, including:

  • Accountants and investment professionals;
  • Architects;
  • Lawyers;
  • Insurance agents and brokers;
  • Engineers; and
  • Real estate professionals.

Elements of a Professional Negligence Claim

Professional negligence covers a range of actions, from a well-meaning professional who makes a serious error in judgment to outright carelessness or neglect. When a person engages the services of a professional, a duty of care is created between the two parties. The professional will be held to a certain standard of care beyond that of what ‘ordinary’ citizens would owe to one another.

Once a duty of care has been established, the injured party must then prove the standard of care has been breached. Given the special knowledge and training professionals must possess in order to practice, establishing a breach of care is often industry-specific and complex. Once a breach has been proven, the injured party must also show that they have suffered damages as a result of the breach. Lastly, the link between the breach and the damages has to be strong enough to establish causation; in other words, the loss suffered would not have occurred were it not for the breach in question.

Malpractice Lawyers Ensuring Clients are Properly Compensated

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, we know it can be intimidating to bring a claim against an established professional. In addition to the civil claim, there may also be disciplinary proceedings before the professional’s regulating body as well. Those seeking compensation for their losses need a representative who can provide clarity to the process and find the best path forward.

Often, the other party will attempt to settle a matter quickly to bring an end to the legal process and move on, however, these offers are not always sufficient. Our lawyers place an emphasis on ensuring their clients receive what they need to cover the damages they suffered and make them whole again.

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At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our malpractice lawyers will diligently represent your rights if you have suffered harm due to professional negligence. If you have suffered financial or physical damages as a result of a professional’s carelessness or breach of trust, please reach out to us by telephone at 1-888-799-8057 or contact us online to set up a free consultation with an experienced member of our team.


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