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Whether planning your estate, getting advice on wealth protection and trust planning, or administering the estate of a loved one, it is extremely important to work with an experienced trusts and estate lawyer to act as a guide and trusted advisor. Each step in the estate planning process requires careful consideration in order to minimize tax obligations and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. If you are tasked with acting as an Estate Administrator, it is equally important to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations in order to avoid potential litigation or unintended tax consequences for the estate.

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our wills and estates teams in Ottawa works with clients in all aspects of estate planning and estate administration. We regularly prepare wills, powers of attorney and administer trusts. Our estate lawyers have extensive experience in advising clients on how best to structure or administer an estate, as well as the use of trusts for family wealth management. We take great pride in working closely with our clients in establishing and implementing personalized estate plans or business succession plans to meet the unique objectives of our clients. Should you find yourself involved in an estate-related dispute, our wills & estates lawyers also have significant experience in estate litigation and will represent your interests in court, or in an alternative method of dispute resolution.

Estate Planning Services

Planning one’s estate is something every person needs to think about, and the earlier they do so, the better. While the idea can be unpleasant, completing this step often provides our clients with a strong sense of relief, knowing they’ve made arrangements for their family and/or business, in the event of their death. Particularly for our clients with significant wealth and complex investments or business interests, taking the time to make an effective plan will provide them and their families with peace of mind.

Our estate planning law team provides our clients with the following services:

Estate Administration Services

Administering an estate is a time-consuming responsibility, with obligations to the estate itself, the estate’s beneficiaries, as well as the government. Managing any estate, whether simple or complex, requires a series of steps that must be carried out properly to avoid liability to the many stakeholders The process itself can take months or even years to complete. Retaining a skilled lawyer to act as your advisor, and even shoulder some of the administrative tasks, can save you time, make the process run more smoothly and ensure you are meeting all of your legal obligations and responsibilities. Our estate law team will work with you to set out an administration plan and manage any obstacles that may arise from the initial probate to the estate’s final tax filing.

Our firm provides the following estate administration services:

  • Canada Pension Plan Issues;
  • Old Age Security Applications and Issues;
  • Probate and Administration of Estates;
  • Probate Tax Avoidance and Planning; and
  • Estate Tax Management and Filing.

Estate Litigation Services

Disputes over an estate can arise for a number of reasons, and between various different parties. There may be a challenge to the Will itself, over concerns about the testator’s capacity at the time it was created. If there are multiple estate administrators, they may disagree on how to best manage the estate, or a beneficiary may oppose the administrator’s management decisions and seek to replace them. Our firm represents parties in a variety of estate and will disputes, both through litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods. We diligently advocate for our clients’ interests while working to resolve the issue at hand efficiently and amicably, whenever possible.

Estate Lawyers Assisting with Trusts and Trustee Disputes

Trusts can be an excellent tool to manage family wealth, minimize tax consequences and provide ongoing support for dependants. Our firm works regularly with clients to find innovative trust solutions customized to their particular circumstances. If a dispute over a trust arises, we will also represent our client’s interests in court or in mediation or arbitration.

  • Life Insurance Trusts;
  • Trustee Disputes; and
  • Wealth Management.


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At Tierney Stauffer LLP, we take a client-focused approach to our work, providing innovative guidance through the estate planning and administration processes. Should a dispute arise at any stage, we provide practical and honest advice to clients and represent their interests in all levels of court in addition to other forums. Our estate lawyers have extensive experience and will work to secure the results our clients need in order to move forward. Call us at 1-888-799-8057 or contact us online to set up a consultation with an experienced wills & estates lawyer.


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