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In Ontario, the law clearly mandates that property owners and occupiers must take reasonable care to ensure the safety of any guest, customer, or another visitor to their premises. This means owners and occupiers must, at all times, take reasonable steps to keep areas such as aisles, stairs, walkways, driveways and parking lots free of dangerous or hazardous conditions that could cause a person to be injured.

If an owner of a property knows, or ought to know, about the presence of dangerous or unsafe conditions on their property, does not warn clients, guests, or other visitors about it or fails to put up signage or other safety measures, and those individuals are injured as a result of that dangerous condition, the injured parties may have a claim against the owner or occupier.

If this has happened to you, we can help. At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our personal injury lawyers regularly handle the following types of Occupier’s Liability claims:

What is the Difference Between an Owner and an Occupier?

An owner refers to the person who holds legal title to or owns a property. Owners are generally responsible for the condition and safety of a property but in some cases, responsibility may be delegated to someone else.

An occupier is a much broader category that includes anyone who has responsibility for and control over the premises. Occupiers can include tenants, property management companies, superintendents, or even independent contractors such as snow removal or construction companies. Depending on the location and the specific facts of your case, multiple parties may bear some responsibility for the injuries you sustained and can be held liable.

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Serious accidents can happen anywhere and under any number of circumstances. You could slip and fall on a wet supermarket floor, trip over a hole in the sidewalk, fall down broken stairs in a nightclub, or injure yourself on an ice patch in a parking lot. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, the client-centred and approachable team at Tierney Stauffer LLP can provide you with the necessary guidance to understand your rights, aid in your recovery, and help you obtain the best resolution to your situation.

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