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It is every family’s worst nightmare to learn that a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse. Worse still, many cases are kept hidden in the shadows out of shame and regret so many families don’t learn of the incident until much later on, if at all. In most cases, there is a personal relationship between the abuser and the victim, even in cases of institutional abuse. For many reasons including shame, embarrassment, and intimidation, it can be extremely difficult for the victim to come forward and report their experiences.

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, our lawyers are highly experienced in handling such delicate, sensitive cases. We respect every sexual abuse victim who reaches out to us. We have represented countless clients against churches, schools, community and sports programs, and even members of their own families. We will continue fighting for the rights of victims for appropriate compensation.

Bringing Claims Historical Sexual Abuse to Light Can Speed Healing

Historic sexual abuse can have a tragic and lasting effect on a person’s life, fragmenting households and straining relationships. Childhood sexual abuse that happened in the past can haunt a family and the victim themselves decades later, with lingering effects such as PTSD, anxiety, phobias and social isolation serving as common ill-effects of the event. It is hard to forget and even harder to let go, and many victims have trouble for the rest of their lives when it comes to finding ways to cope.

One of the best ways to help bring closure to a dark chapter is to acknowledge the abuse out loud and hold the perpetrator accountable. Bringing these tragic claims to light is often the best and most effective way for a victim to reclaim their life and move forward.

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If you or someone you know is suffering as a victim of historical sexual abuse, don’t be afraid. We want to help you and are fully prepared to support you in any way we can by providing knowledgeable legal counsel. Don’t face the darkness alone; instead, turn to our empathetic and experienced team for guidance. We’ll ensure you fully understand the situation and process at hand, and that you’re comfortable at every stage. Your struggle is our struggle.

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