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Administrative law, sometimes also called ‘public law’, refers to matters relating to government bodies, regulatory agencies and professional associations. Administrative law disputes are heard and decided by specific boards or tribunals rather than a court and each has its own set of procedural rules. Navigating these proceedings can be daunting for a person unfamiliar with the process, and so having an experienced legal representative to help guide you is key.

At Tierney Stauffer LLP, we have considerable experience appearing before administrative law panels as well as consulting with a number of tribunals. Our history in public law enables us to represent individual and corporate clients before any public law body in the province.

Experienced Lawyers Representing Clients Before Tribunals, Boards, Agencies, and Commissions

In the area of administrative law, our lawyers have successfully represented clients before boards, agencies and tribunals at the municipal, provincial, and federal level. They have substantial experience with the judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative processes of these bodies.

Many of our lawyers have acted as counsel in numerous court cases representing our client’s interests in judicial review proceedings, statutory appeals from decisions of administrative bodies and at public inquiries.

In particular, one of our partners, Ian Stauffer, has appeared before numerous tribunals for more than 25 years. He has served as Commission Counsel to the Somalia Inquiry from 1995 through 1997. Most recently, Ian was counsel to the Commissioner of the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

The firm’s administrative lawyers can represent clients before a variety of administrative boards and tribunals, including the following:

  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission
  • Canada Pension Review Tribunal
  • License Appeal Tribunal
  • Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
  • Pension Appeals Board
  • Social Benefits Tribunal

Ottawa Public Law Lawyers Assisting with Regulatory Law Matters and Applications to Ontario Administrative Bodies

Sometimes when a person thinks they need to initiate a lawsuit to settle a matter, the better option is to pursue the issue through a public law body. For example, if a person has a potential human rights complaint against their employer, bringing the matter before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal can result in remedies not available in court, such as reinstatement in one’s job. If you are unsure of the best venue for your complaint or require representation in bringing an application before one of Ontario’s public law tribunals or boards, our lawyers can help. We will guide you to the best method of resolution for your matter, taking all factors into consideration including time, cost and the results you are seeking.


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If you are required to appear or are considering bringing an application before an administrative tribunal, the experienced lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP can assist you. We are a large team with a diverse array of experience in multiple areas of the law to assist our clients with a variety of public law needs. Call us at 1-888-799-8057 or contact us online to discuss your matter with an experienced lawyer.


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