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Over 340,000 riders use the OC Transpo system every day with over 900 buses running from all corners of the City.

If you are injured while riding a city bus, you might be entitled to certain accident  benefits either through your own automobile policy, or, if you are not covered on an automobile policy, through the OC Transpo insurance.  These benefits  are commonly referred to as accident benefits, and arise out of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule in Ontario. Benefits include income loss, medical treatment, and assistance with your activities of daily living and personal care. It is important to contact a lawyer who has specific knowledge of accident benefits to navigate you through this complicated process.

In addition to accident benefits, compensation may be available for income loss, general damages for pain and suffering, and assistance with treatment and care in the future. If a loved one has passed away as a result of an accident, there is also compensation available to family members for loss of care, guidance, and companionship as well as financial losses.

Navigating the insurance system is very complicated. The benefits and damages outlined above are not exhaustive. For additional information or assistance you should contact a lawyer with experience in handling accident benefits claims as well as accidents involving public transit vehicles. I am always available to take these inquiries.

For more information on where to start if you or someone you love was involved in an accident while riding an OC Transpo bus, or if you have any questions regarding the points outlined above, please feel free to contact me directly.

Susan Mitchell

Managing Partner – Personal Injury and Litigation Group

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