Follow these 10 Steps Immediately After a Car Accident.

The Personal Injury Lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP outline important steps to take following a car accident.

No one ever wakes up in the morning expecting to get into an accident that day. Unfortunately, it is statistically like that at some point in your life you will be involved in an automobile accident. Many people have never been in an accident before, and when it happens, it is important to be prepared and to have some idea of what to do. The list below assumes that you have not suffered any serious or life-threatening injuries. If you have been seriously injured, your first concern should be your health and well-being. Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries before proceeding with the following steps.

  1. Stop your vehicle and turn it off. Never drive away from an accident. Leaving the scene of the accident is a crime.
  2. Check for injuries. If you are hurt and cannot move, stay still and wait for help. If you are able to exit the vehicle, do so. You should only attempt to help others if you yourself are not injured.
  3. Call 911 and follow the instructions provided by the emergency operator. If it is a minor fender-bender with damage less than $1000 and no one is injured, the police may advise you to go to your local Collision Reporting Centre.
  4. Take pictures. If you have a cell phone or digital camera, take photos of the scene, including the damage to all involved vehicles.
  5. Protect your vehicle. If it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road. If the vehicle cannot be moved, turn on your hazard lights.
  6. Exchange driver information. Write down or photograph the names, addresses, telephone numbers, driver’s licence numbers of the other drivers, as well as the licence plate numbers of the other vehicles, the names and addresses of the registered owners and the insurance information for each other vehicle involved in the accident.
  7. Names of passengers and witnesses. If there were any passengers in any of the vehicles, or any witnesses who saw the accident, take down their contact information as well.
  8. Take detailed notes. Write down exactly what happened and any important details that you want to remember. It is advisable that you do this as soon as possible while the details are fresh in your mind.
  9. Report the accident to your insurance company. You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible and at least within seven (7) days of an accident.
  10. Protect your rights. One of the most important things you can do after a car accident is to consult a lawyer with experience handling car accident claims. Your lawyer can advise you on numerous issues related to your accident and your injuries.

Additional Car Accident Tips

  • As angry or frustrated as you may be, it’s best to remain calm.
  • Do not argue with other drivers or passengers.
  • Do not admit that you are at fault for an accident or take any responsibility for what happened.

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