A brain injury can result from a serious personal injury and can significantly impact the lives of the injured individual and those around them. Brain injuries can have devastating physical, emotional and financial impacts. It can be particularly difficult to obtain appropriate care and support to help injured individuals attain their rehabilitation goals and become accustomed to the changes in their lives. Concerning rehabilitation, an individual who has suffered a brain injury must have the appropriate support available to their unique circumstances from both loved ones and medical professionals. 

Types of Brain Injuries

There are various categories of brain injuries. An acquired brain injury (ABI) covers a broad range of injuries which are not related to a disorder or degenerative disease but is instead the result of damage to the brain, which occurs after birth from either a non-traumatic or traumatic event. 

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the result of brain damage due to a traumatic event from an external source, such as a motor vehicle accident or a strike to the head. 

A stroke, oxygen deprivation, or an illness may cause a non-traumatic brain injury.

A concussion is considered an acquired brain injury which can occur when there is a sudden jolt of the head and neck from contact with the body. Concussions may occur due to various activities, including car accidents, sports, or falls

Symptoms and Impacts of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can have complex and lasting physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, behavioural and functional impacts on a person’s life. Non-traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries may only affect brain cells temporarily, however, severe brain injuries can result in long-term complications due to bleeding, bruising and other physical damage to the brain. The severity and impacts of a brain injury have the potential to impact an individual’s personality and may have an effect on their relationships. 

Brain Injury Prognosis 

Despite various neurological testing, it is difficult to determine the path a brain injury may take for a particular individual. There are several factors which can impact the estimated prognosis of rehabilitation and the road to recovery, including:

  • the location of the injury;
  • the severity of the injury;
  • the person’s age; 
  • access to appropriate treatment and supports; and
  • pre-existing injuries and conditions; 

While a brain injury will not necessarily result in extensive disability or impairment, it is imperative that a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment is obtained as soon as possible to help minimize damage and begin the rehabilitative process, including working with physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychological supports, counsellors, and speech therapy. 

Vista Centre Brain Injury Services

The Vista Centre is located in Ottawa and provides “person and family-centred care” to individuals who have been impacted by a brain injury. Currently, the Vista Centre Brain Injury Services provides the following services:

  • Brain Injury Support Groups; 
  • Acquired Brain Injury Day Services; 
  • Personal Support Independent Training; and 
  • Assisted Living Services.

The Vista Centre recently opened a four-bed assisted living facility in Plantagenet, Ontario, which will allow for one-on-one support for each participant in an effort to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals. Vista Centre Brain Injury Services operates one assisted living residential home which provides consistent staffing for one-on-one personal support with participants and will provide appropriate stimulation to help each individual work to achieve their own rehabilitation goals with the assistance of counsellors and therapists. 

According to the Ontario Brain Injury Association, there are three times as many Ontarians suffering from acquired brain injuries than beds available in specialized facilities. Further, the average wait time to get into a specialized facility can take five to fifteen years, resulting in many brain injury patients residing in long-term care homes, which are not designed for young patients and do not have appropriate support or rehabilitation. 

Ottawa Man with Brain Injury Offered Bed with Vista Centre

Recently, an Ottawa father who was left confused and unable to create new memories after suffering a brain injury in 2018 was offered a space at the Vista Centre’s new assisted living facility. After the accident, the man spent several months in a hospital ward before being transferred to a long-term care facility in 2019. However, the care facility could not provide appropriate support for his specific injury and goals. 

After attending the Vista Centre’s day program for some time, the man was offered one of the four beds available at the Plantagenet facility. With the support of his partner and daughter, he is looking forward to moving into the new facility. 

Contact the Personal Injury Lawyers at Tierney Stauffer for Guidance on Navigating a Brain Injury or to Learn More About the Vista Centre 

The personal injury lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP understand the emotional and financial impacts a brain injury can create for both the injured individual and their family. Our lawyers collaborate with experts, including medical professionals and specialized accountants, to help ensure that our clients obtain the best possible compensation so that they can focus on rehabilitation. 

With two firm members sitting on the Board of Directors, we are happy to work with the professionals at Vista Centre Brain Injury Services. Vista Centre provides person and family-centered care to participants impacted by a brain injury. 

We are committed to providing exceptional legal representation to clients throughout Ottawa, Cornwall, Kingston, Arnprior and North Bay. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of a personal injury accident, contact the lawyers at Tierney Stauffer LLP by phone at 1-888-799-8057 or online to schedule a confidential consultation. 


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