Dana P. Tierney, Partner and Founder

Dana P. Tierney, Founder and Partner at Tierney Stauffer LLP

I am one of the founding partners of Tierney Stauffer LLP. I am from a family of seven children.  When I was growing up, we regularly ate dinner together, and it was a time where our parents gave each of us the opportunity to speak and express an opinion on any subject. All of my siblings were outgoing and confident and witty, and it took some courage to express a controversial opinion with six faces looking back at you and ready to respond.  I believe it was at those dinners that I found my passion for advocacy, and I’m grateful for it.

I suppose it’s logical that I would become a litigation lawyer, and I’ve worked in that capacity since 1986.  During that time, I’ve advocated for individuals, small and large businesses, private and institutional lenders, chartered banks, private and public corporations, school boards and other professionals including Real Estate Appraisers, Engineers, Mortgage Brokers, accountants, and law firms. 

Through the first fifteen years of this journey, I worked exclusively in the areas of commercial and construction litigation, and as our firm expanded and we had more lawyers to support me in these areas, I expanded into the area of personal injury litigation, where I’ve represented plaintiffs in cases involving wrongful death and the most serious of injuries.  All of this has been driven by my passion for advocacy and a desire to see that fairness exists for all people in our society, and if they’re not being treated fairly, they have someone who will do something about it.

In addition to “lawyering advocacy”, I’ve tried to advocate for some charities, which has led me in the past to sit for many years on the St. Patrick’s Home Foundation and to be one of the founders and original committee members of the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley annual charity dinner.  My current charitable placement is as a member of the Ride for Dad National Board of Directors.

My biggest passion in my life, like that of so many other people, is my family.  I love nothing more than spending time with my teenagers, whether it’s being a hockey coach or basketball coach or just going to the grocery store with them, and sitting and listening to their opinions about life, and what’s fair, and what needs to be fixed.  I suspect that, having grown up with my wife Terry and me, if they see something that needs fixing in this world, they’ll be the first to do something about it.

Dana Tierney can be reached by phone at 613-288-3210 or by email at dptierney@tslawyers.ca.

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