As the costs of litigation have increased dramatically over the years, and the traditional legal system has become overloaded (leading to long delays in bringing matters to a conclusion), individuals and businesses are continuously looking for alternative methods to achieve a more efficient and less expensive solution to their disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or “ADR”, provides just such an alternative. Mediation and arbitration are two options available through ADR.

An important distinction is that ADR is not the “first step” in litigation; it is a real alternative, providing an invaluable tool for the swift and cost-effective closure of a case.


  • It brings closure to the parties’ dispute
  • It is a confidential process
  • It may preserve relationships
  • It offers a degree of control to the Parties
  • It offers flexibility to the Parties
  • It promotes joint problem solving
  • It saves money
  • It saves time

Ian Stauffer, a Partner of our firm, is one of Ottawa’s most respected and experienced Mediators. Ian is recognized by the ADR Institute of Canada with the designation of ‘Chartered Mediator’. He has mediated over 2000 civil disputes ranging from personal disputes between neighbors to multi-million dollar lawsuits among institutional litigants. Ian is known as a patient and persistent Mediator who is fair, effective and extremely dedicated to resolving the most difficult cases.

Ian also sits as an arbitrator. He has honed his skills in this area, greatly in part due to the over 14 years he has spent as Deputy Judge in Small Claims Court.

To check Ian’s availability for mediation, please click here to be redirected to his mediation calendar.


*Designates an Associate Practicing Individually – Not a Member of the Tierney Stauffer LLP Partnership.

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